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Pain with or without Counter Pain

Back Pain

Counter Pain Back Pain - When back pain more or less severe pain in the region of the back are called, regardless of its cause. (Pain in the lumbar back pain / lumbago) defined as more technical terms, place name is spoken by most of the thoracic and back pain.

Counter Pain from back pain and rheumatism

Pain without Counter Pain

The term pain any therapeutic measures are combined, resulting in a reduction of pain. In particular, since the treatment of chronic pain requires an interdisciplinary approach, the term is also frequently used pain management. This is understood as an umbrella term for all planning, monitoring and controlling measures that are required for the design of effective pain management. This term aspects such as infliction of pain interference, pain therapeutic measures, affected persons, the documentation and organization of pain management are summarized. The approach of multimodal pain therapy is based on a combined treatment of pain, including an interdisciplinary treatment of patients with chronic pain conditions (eg, spinal cord disorders), including cancer pain involving psychiatric, psychosomatic or psychological disciplines, according to a medical treatment plan with treatment line.

Pain with Counter Pain

For acute pain Counter Pain helps rassend quickly. Acute pain is a warner and as a reference for the diagnosis of the underlying disease make sense and thus have an important biological function. Besides acting analgesics generally the causal treatment of the cause is especially crucial. This usually leads to the fact that the pain subsides and after a certain period, for which there is empirical values ​​disappear. Chronic pain lasts beyond this anticipated period in which normally takes place a cure. Affected patients should be noted that there are several causal factors for this persistent and persistence of the pain that can be found in the somatic, psychological and social area, or at least suspect. The treatment must be taken into account in addition to eliminating the cause of the relief or remedy the consequences. A comprehensive, interdisciplinary pain management is crucial. Treatment with analgesics typical alone is insufficient for chronic pain.

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